Playing Card Oracle

This is a very popular fortune telling. Take a desk of 36 cards, shuffle cards, recall the fact that upset or worried you and select two cards from the desk: one and then another one. Probably, they will help you to decide how to act...

Card meanings:

6 of clubs – Happens that that you do not expect
7 of clubs – Your enemy will praise you
8 of clubs – You’ll find out about the illness of a close person soon
9 of clubs – You’ll receive a sad piece of news
10 of clubs – Don’t start friendship, otherwise you’ll regret it
The jack of clubs – Your beloved will upset you
The queen of clubs – You’ll be rewarded according to your deserts
The king of clubs – Hurry up otherwise you’ll lose everything
The ace of clubs – You’ve made a mistake

6 of spades – Act reasonably
7 of spades – Having hardship
8 of spades – Be careful, beware of the danger
9 of spades – Save your secret
10 of spades – You'll feel great happiness
The jack of spades – Your troubles are vain
The queen of spades – Your wish will soon come true
The king of spades – You’ll receive a pleasant piece of news
The ace of spades – Believe in what one will tell you soon

6 of hearts – Refuse what you’ve decided or await the troubles
7 of hearts – Don’t play with fire
8 of hearts – A new person will help you
9 of hearts – Somebody loves you very much
10 of hearts – Probably your wish will come true
The jack of hearts – Somebody remembers you and hopes to meet you
The queen of hearts – Hide your feelings
The king of hearts – Everything will be as you wish
The ace of hearts – Don’t doubt he/she loves you

6 of diamonds – Try to change something in your life
7 of diamonds – Everything will change for the better soon
8 of diamonds – Wait for a joyful piece of news
9 of diamonds – You’ll feel better soon
10 of diamonds – You sadness will fade away
The jack of diamonds – Your jealousy is ungrounded
The queen of diamonds – Somebody will abuse you
The king of diamonds – Beware of lies
The ace of diamonds – Your wish won’t come true

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