Love Divination

This fortune telling will tell you about the attitude of your beloved to you (or other person known to you). Take a desk of 36 cards, shuffle them and move towards yourself with the left hand. Think of the person you are interested in. Lay out 2 rows of 6 cards in each in front of you. If the cards of equal rank (two queens, two jacks or other) lied obliquely then take these cards away and lay out new cards from the desk onto their place. When there will be no more pairs of cards lay out a new row of 6 cards and remove pairs of cards that lied obliquely again. Keep doing this until the desk ends. Then take all the rest cards starting from the last one (strictly in the order they came out) and lay out them in rows not of 6, but now of 5 cards, then of 4, 3 and of 2 cards. At every stage move pairs of cards that lied obliquely aside again. After all cards are laid down count how many card pairs are left, their quantity will show the feelings that the person you have thought of feels to you.

Meanings of card pairs:

If only one card pair is left – Then the person you have thought of wants to marry you;
Two pairs – Loves you;
Three pairs – He (she) likes you;
Four pairs – He (she) misses you;
Five pairs – He (she) thinks of you;
Six pairs – Infidelity is between you;
Seven pairs – Now he (she) doesn’t think about you... Divine him (her) another time.

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