Future Telling

Take a desk of 36 cards, shuffle the cards, move 5 cards towards yourself with the left hand and lay 5 cards out in front of you, then move again and lay the cards again, repeat it for the third time. As a result you should have 5 "thirds": for you, for your heart, for your home, what you had and what you’ll have. Then pick the last card from the desk and it will tell you what calms your heart down...

Cards meaning

6 of hearts - Happy meeting
7 of hearts – Changes for the better
8 of hearts – Joy
9 of hearts – Happy love
10 of hearts – Profit
The jack of hearts – Friend or luck in business
The queen of hearts – Lady-love
The king of hearts – Sweetheart
The ace of hearts – Happiness in love and in family
6 of clubs – Late far trip
7 of clubs – Care about the others
8 of clubs – Piece of news
9 of clubs – Hearty affection
10 of clubs – Empty money troubles
The jack of clubs – Empty troubles
The queen of clubs – Mother
The king of clubs – Military man
The ace of clubs – State house
6 of diamonds – Early passage
7 of diamonds – Small troubles
8 of diamonds – Good news
9 of diamonds – Business negotiations
10 of diamonds – Luck with money
The jack of diamonds – Pleasant troubles
The queen of diamonds – Girl
The king of diamonds – Boy
The ace of diamonds – Inheritance
6 of spades – Parting
7 of spades – Changes for the worse
8 of spades – Tears
9 of spades – Illness
10 of spades – Judgment
The jack of spades – Failure
The queen of spades – Envy, rumors
The king of spades – Prosperity
The ace of spades – Shock

It is very important to learn to read cards and to interpret the card-telling result correctly. Have a look at cards and start telling your story...

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